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A place where practice meets learning.

Et si vous vous réveilliez chaque matin avec un profond sentiment de paix ? Au lieu du stress et de What if you awakened every morning with a deep sense of peace. Instead of stress and worry, you greeted the new day with a feeling of perfect harmony.

That is what yoga helps us achieve. But it doesn’t happen merely because we practice a few asanas…

Our Story

The past few years have seen an exponential rise in the popularity of Yoga. Alongside this boom has come the overt commercialization of this ancient science. More and more, yoga is marketed as a system of physical exercises that incite you to contort your body in impossible positions.

Not only is this far from being Yoga, a purely asana-based practice actually goes against the very tenets of yoga philosophy.

At Yoga Laboratorium, we are focussed on providing you with a complete experience of yoga, whether it is asana, pranayama, meditation or its theory, philosophy and spirituality.

At the heart of Yoga Laboratorium is its emphasis on pedagogy. We take time to explain and to answer any questions our students might have. Because yoga is not about repeating what someone else is doing. It is the path towards understanding our deepest self. A path to freedom that can only be achieved by making yoga your own.

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Nouvel Atelier : Yoga et Ayurvéda

Découvrez comment intégrer ayurvéda dans votre pratique de Yoga ! Ce samedi de 10h à 13h !


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