About Yoga Laboratorium

Launched in 2019, Yoga Laboratorium is both a centre for Yogic studies… and an idea.

At its heart, Yoga is a quest. The search for one’s true nature. The pursuit of mastery over one’s senses and mind. The hunt for the divine hidden in all of us. This quest requires both practice and understanding (Katha Upanishad). At its heart, Yoga is a Laboratorium.

Video in French about why we launched Yoga Laboratorium.

What do we teach?

We teach Yoga. Yes, we really do! And no, we aren’t talking about a few asanas, put together in a “creative flow”. We are talking about Yoga… as described by Patanjali, by Yajnavalkya, and by the Rshis who came before them.

Yoga is the science of body, mind and soul. At Yoga Laboratorium, we prefer working all three together. A typical class at Yoga Laboratorium starts with mindfulness of breath and the chant of Vedic mantras. A brief discourse introduces a concept from Yogic philosophy. The practice of asanas puts a special emphasis on the precise alignment of the spine and exploration of the link between movement, breath and the 5 senses. Yogic techniques of pranayama, bandha, mudra as well as exercises to develop concentration and mindfulness are an integral part of every class. Meditation at the end of the class ensures that the energies raised and awakened in the class are grounded, hence ensuring that the effects of every class last for several days (and, with regular practice, for several weeks).

How do we teach?

With warmth! And a lot of attentiveness. The classes of Yoga Laboratorium are held in small groups of 8 students. This ensures that the teacher can pay attention to the needs of each and every student.

The word “teacher” here isn’t used frivolously. We actually do teach! Yoga requires both practice… and understanding. It isn’t sufficient to perform an asana with the precise alignment. Understanding why an asana should be practiced in this particular way is equally important. Questions are both incited and welcomed. And even answered!

Where do we teach?

At 15 rue Saulnier, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, near metro Cadet and Grand Boulevards. The moment you enter, the perfume of jasmine incense interspersed with essential oils of Eucalyptus and Ylang-Ylang greets you. The flora on the main wall, built and maintained by Carlo Ruz, interior decorator and botanist, ensures natural purification and oxygenation of the air within the studio. Tea, prepared according to the Chinese art of tea, is served to help you disconnect. Traditional Indian shawls ensure that you stay warm during Shavāsana.

But it isn’t about what happens in within the four walls

Yoga isn’t practiced an hour a day, or two hours a day, or three hours a day. Every breath is yoga. Every word is yoga. Every thought is yoga. Whether it is on the website, through social networks, or through private emails, the door of Yoga Laboratorium is always open to its students. If you have a question: ask! If you didn’t understand something during the class, send an email or a private message!

Here is how to get in touch with us:

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Social networks

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Pankaj Saini : 06 42 97 94 09 (please send a text message as the class schedule as well as preparation for the upcoming classes means that we can’t always answer telephone calls)

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