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Il n'y a que des solutions. There are only solutions.

There are only solutions

What is more important? The problem? Or its solution?

The past two weeks, we talked about two of the main causes of human suffering: our tendency to react to life, and the unending quest of becoming. But in truth, the problem matters far less than its solution.

This doesn’t mean turning a blind eye towards the problem. Not at all! It means observing the problem. Accepting its presence. But then turning the page over and concentrating upon the solution, instead of endlessly thinking about the problem itself.

So, let’s stop talking about the problem of thinking too much about the problem! And let’s see what we can do! Here is a simple exercise to help you :

Sit comfortably. Bring your attention to your breath. Now think about one issue. Just one – the one that is closest to your heart. Observe the problem. Why does the problem exist?

Now, still concentrating on your breath, ask yourself: “what can be done to solve this problem?”

Observe your thoughts. If solutions present themselves, write them down. If they don’t, don’t worry! Smile. And try again the next day.

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